Photography by Yui

Since I like the sea and want to take pictures of the sea, I experienced underwater advertising coverage with a camera in one hand, provided various works, and supported all-round photography from portraits to nature photography. In Hawaii, various magazine photography and wedding photography have started, and the trust of each industry is strong, and many repeaters are visiting him with his unique sensibility. And the popular Yui’s Photo School is also underway!


When I was told, “It was fun in a blink of an eye!”, I think that everyone who was there was absorbed in the shooting. Somewhere in the costume is handmade by the family, or it is a longing ring, and the drama and thoughts of each couple, including the feelings of the makeup and staff who made the shooting beautiful, make the moment shine to the maximum. I am shooting with the theme of “happiness” with a Hawaiian feel. I would be very happy if you could smile and smile when you look back at the photos!
The photo school offers a curriculum tailored to each future design, regardless of age or gender. Anyway, having fun learning is the first priority!

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Ocean Photography Hawaii ’LLC
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海が好きで、海を撮りたい思いからカメラを片手に水中での広告取材等を経験し、各種作品提供、ポートレイトから自然撮影などオールラウンドに対応。 ハワイでは、各種雑誌撮影、そしてウェディング撮影もスタートし、各業界からの信頼も厚く、その独特の感性で多くのリピーターが彼のもとを訪れています。そして人気のYui’sフォトスクールも実施中!


「あっと言う間で楽しかったです!」って言われると、それだけその撮影はその場にいた皆が夢中になって下さったんだな、と思えるんです。 衣装のどこかがご家族の手作りだったり、憧れの指輪だったりと、カップルそれぞれのドラマや思い、撮影までキレイにして下さったメイクさんやスタッフさんの気持ちを含めて、瞬間を最高に輝かせられるよう、「幸せ」をテーマにハワイらしさを入れて撮影をしています。 写真を見返して頂くときに、ニコッて笑顔になって頂けたら最高に嬉しいです!


Ocean Photography Hawaii’LLC
2499 Kapiolani Blvd #2705
Honolulu Hi 96826